Thursday, October 13, 2011

Farmer Buzz is Back On The Tractor Again!

A Heart Warming Experience - As written by Farmer Buzz Fournier

As Farmer Buzz for Young's Farm for 14 years, giving thousands of hay rides during the Pumpkin Festivals I became emotionally attached to the family's that returned each fall.  Sometimes I would ask if any of the young kids would like to help me drive the 1939 Farmal Tractor.  Usually the boys and girls would drive for a minute or two.  It seemed that the 6 to 10 year old kids liked it the most.

Five years ago on the last day and knowing this was going to be the very last hay ride it was hard for me to speak and tell my corny jokes to the wagon load of people who shared my emotions.  In order to hide the tears, I selected this 8 year old boy to drive the rest of the trip, as I stood next to him assisting with the gear shifting.  Several times he turned to look at me as the tears now were dripping from my chin.  He asked if I was ok, and I probably replied something like any Grampa would say, "Someday when you are driving your own tractor helping young kids enjoy themselves you will understand why I'm crying."  As we finished the hay ride I gave him my name badge. 

It has been 5 years since the Young's left for Oregon and now the Mortimer Family has asked if I would come back to give the "Farmer Buzz Hay Rides."  This past weekend a 13 year old boy waited in a long line to get on the hay ride with his parents.  He looked me straight in the eye - almost 6 foot tall I guess.  He asked if I remembered him.  I replied, give me a little hint - to which he replied "I drove your tractor."  Well that wasn't enough to help my brain to sort out which one he was but his next hint brought back the identity of this young man.  He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out my old Farmer Buzz name tag.  Wow!  His mom, who had been off to the side with her camera, came up to enter our conversation.  She said that name tag has been on top of his dresser for 5 years, and when he heard the Mortimer's opened up the farm again, he asked if Old Farmer Buzz would come back.  The truth is, to this young man, Farmer Buzz never left.  It was a good day!

Buzz Fournier

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  1. I rode Farmer Buzz's Hay ride today with my two little girls and my Wife. When he stopped the ride under the shade tree and told us about being a memory maker I could feel the emotions building. Then he asked a 9 year old boy named Xavier if he would like to drive. The dam for me was about burst. I am a 31 year old father of two that was instantly transported back to being an 11 year old boy on my uncle's tractor when he asked me for the very first time to get on and drive. I could not help but let the tears go for the rest of the ride and when Buzz told us about this story here I knew I was dealing with one of God's finest members to our kind. Only a heart made of pure gold could pierce straight into my own. I shook his hand at the end of the ride and let him know in a very emotional voice how he took me back to being a little boy in the Oregon Sun.

    Thank you Buzz as this ride was more than a ride, it was potent trip down memory lane that I will never forget.

    Here's to you sir...

    The Memory Maker