Thursday, July 19, 2012

With the coming and going of Father's Day, I have been thinking about how my Father has played a roll in what I know about Farming. In a nut shell, he taught me almost everything I know about Farming.

As a kid (and even now) I love to be outside and with my Dad. Dad allowed me to be with him. Only when he was working a job that was potentially dangerous to have a child around did he not allow me to join him in the fields.

Just being with Dad, I learned about how to grow, care and harvest Corn, Soybeans and Cattle. In turn I learned how to run and sometimes even fix equipment. He taught me more than just farming, that is growing and harvesting. He taught me how to problem solve, as well as hard work, integrity, morals and character (although I don't know that picking rocks out of the field really built character, but he said that it did)

Farming is not just a job, its a lifestyle. Dad, thanks for including me in your life.

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