Monday, July 25, 2011

Sweet Corn is On It's Way...

Well - as you can imagine the most asked question I have been asked since March when we announced our new farm is "Are you growing sweet corn - When will it be ready?"  Well the answer is YES and SOON! 

Gary, the kids and myself stopped by the farm after church yesterday and had to "test" the sweet corn!  It is doing great!  The corn has gone thru the stages of tassel, silk and are now making each kernal of corn...we will be serving up a nice big batch of corn before you know it!  As soon as it is ready we will have it available for purchase at our farm store - along with squash, onions, cantalope, tomatoes, beets, and more!

Keep checking our website for updates to our vegetable availability or call us at 928-830-1116 anytime!

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